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Betting pools are getting popular in the betting community thanks to the best site to make betting pools in football, tennis or even NFL. We are talking about Colossusbets, the best site for sports pools launched at 2013 and since today 2017 this site has improved the style and adding more pools options for bettors.

Betting pools are simply a form of betting where people pay a fixed price to enter to the pool selected and then once taxes and profits are removed the remaining funds are shared amongst those who have made the correct predictions. Bet on football pools are really simple, same as betting sites, predict the winner or correct score in a game and if you are lucky, you can win a lot with jackpots and guarantee prize pools that offers Colossusbets

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Betting pools with Colossusbets

Colossusbets is the leader in the betting pool industry with full of football pools every day and more pools on weekends. Even in summer, there is action in Colossusbets with other games from leagues not so popular. Prizes are really high, with very small stake, you can win big prizes even with cashout offers or consolation prizes in big jackpots.

Another good point about Colossusbets are the cashout offers during the game or when finish the game. At certain time, during the game, you may be offered the chance to cashout any live ticket in full or in part by selling them back and when accept the cashout and want to cash out the offer, you will be paid the cash out value and you will bank it regardless of what happens during the game.

The only negative thing about Colossusbets is that there is no bonus for new users, but no problem, for new members, they give you a FREEPLAY for the Millionaire or Pick15 pool, totally free where if you are lucky, you can win big with no cost.


In 2017, Colossusbets go ahead with new style of betting pools giving more action to betting pools members.

These new features in betting pools are:
Over/Under goals – Pick 10 with 3,000€ Jackpot
Over/Under goals – Pick 20 with 250,000€ Jackpot
Asian Handicap – Pick 10 with 3,000€ Jackpot
Asian Handicap  – Pick 20 with 250,000€ Jackpot

Also, Colossusbets offers Tennis Pools when Grand Slam starts and NFL Pools when american football session starts too with big jackpot prizes.

5 things you must know about Colossusbets

* Every day, you can make you stakes at betting pools (Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Champions League, all the football leagues) with correct score or match result pools. Weekend they usually offer the biggest jackpots pools where there are more members betting for biggest prizes.
* Many different style pools added: match results, correct scores, handicaps, over/under goals, tennis, NFL…
* You can win big jackpots with small stake and all is guarantee with ColossusBets.
* Consolation prizes in Big Jackpot pools.
* Join Colossusbets Syndicates – Play as part of a Syndicate to pool your money together and win more.

Other Colossusbets features

Colossusbets Mobile APP on Android and Iphone
Colossusbes Twitter account with daily updates of new pools and winners
Colossusbets is regulated by the U.K. Gambling Commission


£131,114 Winning Ticket
A German based Colossus customer turned his £64 ticket into a massive £131,114 win!

70p Pick 15 bet wins £173,763
Ghana customer will have mixed emotions about his ticket. Playing with a single line GHS4 stake (£0.71), the customer picked a winning ticket in the Pick 15 pool. With 14/14 correct predictions in the bag and still on course for GHS1,600,000 (£283,990), a Cash Out offer of GHS990,650 (£173,763) was just too much to turn down.